Sunday, 31 December 2017

Selfies in the old days.

Selfie, a fairly new "international" word which basically everyone in the world has learned very fast.

Smartphone with timer in 2016

Some people just hate it and some can't live without making them regularly. Some are very bad making selfies, like myself. I just can't make a good Selfie.
But then we have the ones who has become almost as professionals in Sefie shooting. With the right angles, make up, facial expressions, and of course the editing of the pictures.

Poor attempt in 2017, with a smartphone.

For me, and I guess for many of the older generations, taking pictures, and especially Selfies (self portraits was it called back then), was a little risky in the sense we never really knew what we would have returned after the pictures had been printed. Unless you had a polaroid camera. Don't forget we had to pay for the bad pictures as well.

Unfocused, fairly ok attempt with a smartphone in 2014

How would the new generations handle this kind of nerve-wrecking waiting time before they could post their Selfies, and start counting the "likes" they expect on the social media. 

Selfie time with a regular phone with camera in 2003.

Not to forget the fact that most Selfie experts make so good selfies you can not really recognize the person in the pics. 
Fake pictures? Or just edited to perfection? For sure not reality.

Party Selfie picture with a regular camera in 1986.

It was without a doubt a lot of fun memories back then when we opened and had a look at the pics.

Selfie with, NOT a smartphone, in 1985.

Selfie time from 1983

Hmmmmm,maybe I am indeed a bit narcissistic after all. Just not a good one.


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