Friday, 1 February 2019

Just finished reading - Bangkok Beat Redux, Different Drummers.

After I had read, and then re-read, the book Bangkok Beat, which I love, I was really looking forward to the Bangkok Beat Redux – Different Drummers.

The Bangkok Beat Redux – Different Drummers book did not disappoint. Once again has Kevin Cummings managed to create a page-turner.

It is fascinating to get a little glimpse into so many interesting people's lives, without the uninteresting gossip part. And this is exactly what Kevin Cummings gives us in his latest book.

As I turn page after page, reading about these interesting people, I keep thinking where have I been all these years, while staying in Thailand, when I don’t know these people.

This book is door opener into another world for expats in Thailand (and Cambodia) who likes art in the form of writing, music, painting, sculpturing, and many more.

Reason for re-reading the first book was the fact I stopped so many times to Google the person I read about, and again I had to do the same. Because Kevin Cummings serves us just enough to want more when reading his interviews. It’s like being served a few delicious canapés, just to realize you are starving hungry, and you want more. Got to re-read it later. The gift that keeps giving.

Another impressive thing with the book is the fact that I, for the first time in my life, actually enjoyed reading poetry, written by John Gartland. Thank you for introducing that into my life Kevin & John.

It is without a doubt one of those MUST read books if you plan to stay a lengthy period in Thailand.

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