Monday, 29 July 2019

Bizarre Thailand; By Jim Algie

Book cover.

Just finished reading the book "Bizarre Thailand", by Jim Algie.

This is one of those books one should read if you want to know more stuff than you already know about Thailand. Especially if you want to know a bit more than just what’s going on in gogo bars or beer bars where many ex-pats normally hang out the during their first period in Thailand.

Of course, the book also takes the readers into those bars. After all, like it or not, but these kinds of establishments have already been part of the kingdom for quite some time, and is a part of the history.

But (Jim) Algie also introduce us (the readers) to much more. We get to know a little bit about everything really. We get to taste something across the special cuisine that Thailand in herself really is. 
No wonder many has said that being a social anthropologist in Thailand is a huge challenge. This book will make you understand exactly that.

The book covers everything from sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Weird and not so weird Celebrities, Animal kingdom, Supernatural stuff, Travel adventures within Thailand, and so much more.

A great book to read, even for someone like me (semi-expat) who has been in and out of Thailand the last 20 years.

I highly recommend it.

Me reading the book in my spare time at work.

Kai Odegard

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